You Should Have Seen Me When I Was Younger

A common reflection topic when it comes to physical capability. Even for me in my mid twenties I look back at times such as university where I could exist off of little to no sleep. Today, forget about it. I am sure that I am not alone when it comes to looking back at a time where you felt physically optimal at a previous point in your life. I encounter a lot of reflection while in the gym as a little bit of history can go a long way in getting someone set on a clearer path of fitness. My problem with that however is what an appreciation of the good old days can do the overall drive to improve fitness as age often becomes a limiting factor. I look at gaining years as gaining experience, lerning lessons, becoming more efficient, and acquiring new skills and knowledge. While these traits are often associated with the mind, the body in my mind is no different. I am fortunate enough to witness this daily and to me there are not too many better feelings than this. For the people that get this, the habit of reflecting on performances of the past becomes a habit of what they would have done differently. Success soon follows and I am able to come into work and see a lady working to do some chin ups for her 60th birthday to impress her two boys. I see people performing better in their fifties than they were in their thirties. I see the aches, pains, and conditions often associated with aging disappear from people's daily routines. Thanks to the internet, we also get to witness this first hand from gentlemen like 80 year old George Legget in this video.

While the numbers dictate our cronological age, we DO have the ability to put an end to the perceived limitations often associated with that. Yes we do grow old, but with using what we have there is limitless potential in restoring, maintaining, and even optimizing physical performance as the years pass by.

Move Improve,