Three R's For The World We Li(ft) In

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Three R's.

Simple but impactful instruction when meaning is applied to them.

A reminder to be efficient with our resources and that progress isn't ensured by what we have in our possession.

Instruction and a message of respect for the world we live in. Meaningful messaging for managing instruction in this world we lift in.

Instruction is required for a healthy training environment. No question.

Where the question may lie however is how do we handle instruction with so much of it in our possession?

Perhaps the messaging of Three R's provides a way to deal with abundance in the world we lift in. A place where our decisions today can leave a lasting footprint on our tomorrow.

A message that one of today's better instructions is to bring significant personal meaning to simple, impactful instructions.

There have been Three R's that have become a mainstay in my decision making. Three words worth remembering, referencing and refining along the way.


  • Testing your comfort, controlling your environment
  • A continual assessment of your environment


  • Goal specific selection and execution
  • Directing tension to where tension is desired


  • Skillfully repeating goal specific tasks
  • Let rhythm and relevance assess your repetitions

This world can be complicated. A world where decisions today have a lasting effect on what we're dealing with tomorrow. A world that provides instruction for decision making but a world that requires meaning for making decisions right for you.

Your world, we're just li(ft)ing in it.