Stepping Out Of The Zone: My Introduction To Teaching And What I Have Learned From It

It has been about a week or so since I have been able to sink my teeth back into the blog. For the past week, I have put a lot of attention on my time in the gym as well as getting a big monkey off of my back. One of the big goals that I had set out for myself in 2012 was to step into the role of educator. Since I have been involved in training I had always envisioned how cool it would be to be at the point where fellow fitness pros were showing up to hear what you have to say. Like any squashed goal you play the big day in your head over and over and then it is over before you realize it. Now that I have had a few days to unwind I can say that I am extremely happy with the way things went. I have my places where I am comfortable speaking and being the center of attention but this was taking it to another level. For that reason I am thrilled to say that I was able to do it and can't wait to do it again! It was a true test of my comfort zone and it has a been a big emotional high now that it is all said and done. And of course with and emotional high comes a lot to reflect upon and think about.

Life Is Uncomfortable

Since I have first started training I have always had a sense of insecurity behind what I was doing. Was my exercise prescription my best possible answer? Was that my best possible session? Is my work appreciated? Is my business as solid as I would like it to be? In my first few years I was under the assumption that these questions would be answered and I would eventually find peace. As I evolve I can say it hasn't gotten any easier. I continue to ask the same questions, add new ones to the equation and realize that the quest goes on. I have also realized how much of a blessing insecurity can really be as there is no such a thing as hand fed success. It needs to be a challenge, it requires effort, an it requires facing your insecurities head on. If you're looking to grab life by the horns you better be prepared to ride the bull. Educating has been my biggest bull ride to date and the feeling of getting it done has been pretty incredible.

Process In Action > Visualized Outcome

You ever notice that accomplishing something just seems to breeze by you before you can recognize that it had even happened? It is extremely common but the notion seems to elude me anytime that I try and take on something new. As easy as it is to visualize any given outcome, it really cannot take shape until things are put in action. The beauty of action? Result happens before your eyes, except you are too busy to get things done to even realize it. Time stands still in theory but drives past the speed limit in action.

Be Indispensable In Everything You Do

Take that line for what it's worth but if my life was to flash before my eyes I want to make sure it's worth watching. For that reason I feel the need to keep evolving and in my eyes it goes well beyond the craft. To get the most out of life I believe that it really boils down to being your best. Whether it is being the professional that nobody would want to fire, acquiring knowledge that nobody would want to criticize, being the better half that nobody would want to dump, or pursuing the body that disease or deconditioning would not dare mess with. We all have this within our control so we may as well make the most of it.

It is nice to get back to the blog again after a week off. Even nicer to get back at it after my experience over the weekend. Thanks again to the awesome group of trainers who took time out of their Saturday to check it out it really means a lot. I look forward to the next time and the next challenge.

Move Improve,