Ride To Your Rhythm

Have a hero who remains unheralded?

One or multiple figures in our lives who spare the public spotlight despite huge personal significance in shaping who you are, what you do, and tying it all together?

Rhythm has been on my mind a lot when it comes to its influence in my world and to me its influence on exercise is humbling despite its lack of a hero's welcome.

Much like music, the rhythm section of exercise often remains at the back of the band. Behind the scenes compared to the leading roles of exercise selection and dose despite taking on the indispensable role of tying it all together.

Seeing and feeling establishment of rhythm in movement can be a MAJOR deal breaker when it comes to decision making in the gym.

Decisions on how and how much when it comes to loading movement. How far and for how many when it comes to executing it.

Vital decisions with respect to risk management and not biting off more than you can chew. Vital decisions with respect to return on investment and not biting off more than you need to.

Enough fuel to want to roll the red carpet for rhythm and its impact on the direction, drive and individuality required to remain on top of training.

To Establish Rhythm Is To Acquire Skill

No matter where you may be it is vitally important to be able to push thoughtfully to keep you progressive while keeping you in one piece.

Whether you are entry level looking to find your stroke or at a point of diminishing returns duking with dialed up expectations, steps backward for steps forward will remain.

Time in the gym is beyond a push to overcome. It's a skill to be mastered. Rhythm found in movement where previously unfound will always be an indicator of progress whether moving weight or moving competently.

Rhythm Is Seductive

Funny how getting better gets better when we notice we're getting better.

Progress lies in a lot of places when pursuing the big picture and rhythm has a way of showcasing it. In a game where adherence is half the battle, this is a showcase much too important to simply shake off. Establishing rhythm can be the saving grace for a lot of exercise programs and can be put into place quite simply. Test comfort, stay true to control.

Rhythm can take a goal worth working for and make it a game worth playing.

Hard work becomes easy work.

Ride To YOUR Rhythm

The other hero hiding in the shadows of this discussion.

Spend enough time thoughtfully running the gauntlet of exercise selection, dose and frequency you begin to understand some things about your process. Mastering what has worked based on goals, limitations, mechanics as well as sheer enjoyment begin to take a bigger precedent in achieving rhythm.

The need for more makes way for making the most of what you have and while the search for right answers continues, the answers you've acquired may not be as wrong as you think. 

Learning curves remain but if you're learning as you are going, the hope is your body and what you know about it call some shots.

So find your rhythm, ride to your rhythm, make strides in your rhythm, take pride in your rhythm and  reap the heroics of rhythm in return.