I Have Some Questions (And I'm Running Low On Answers)


Being in the fitness industry, there is an expetation of answering relevant questions. But answers come easy these days and more often it becomes a case of questioning answers.

Specific questions to specific answers yes.

  • If the answer is hard work, where should hard work be directed?
  • If the answer is testing limits, where may those limits lie?
  • If the answer is eat clean, what the hell does that mean exactly? 

But for me, the answer worth questioning is this. Answers are everywhere and not going anywhere. How does one handle that?

Well informed but can it be translated to intelligence?

Is easy information raising hands? Or raising noses?

Can walking away from the complexities of asking questions for the simplicity of acquiring answers pave a way forward? Or can it confuse activity with accomplishment? 

Can an individual meaning of effective diet and exercise be found by overindulging in a diet of answers and under-exercising an ability to question?

I hope that questions some answers.