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Where I grew up there was not much in the way of personal training but I remember being starstruck by anyone with the title of trainer. They were the people with the brains and the bodies that I was shooting for. While I have been able to chase the dream and turn training into my career (the brains and the body pursuit will be ongoing) I often find myself trying to answer the same questions of trainers that I was asking not so long ago. You remember back in early grade school when you thought your teacher was some sort of education robot that did not exist outside of the classroom? I sometimes think we are perceived in a pretty similar fashion.


The truth is, we have a little more in common than you may think. While exercise is something that we study, practice, and teach we have some very similar considerations. First and foremost I can say that being a trainer (a competent one anyway) requires a lot of physical and mental output.We are constantly moving, engaging in conversation, and constantly under the microscope. You can have a lot on your mind but when you are on the floor there is no closing the office door for some quiet time or wearing your emotions on your sleeve. There are early mornings, late nights, and the hours can be long. If your occupation sounds anything like this, I can say that I feel your pain. With that being said, fitting a workout within all of this can sometimes pose its challenges. However, exercise is my passion and I can say in all honesty I believe that if there is anything that can bring a bright spot in your day, exercise would be at the top of that list. More importantly, if there is any characteristic to look for if you are seeking out a trainer it would be one that practices what he or she preaches. If you are wondering what some of the secrets would be of a fitness professional, these would be mine.


Creating Time vs Finding It

I will be the first person to say that I am guilty of this but we have created a culture of biting off more than we can chew. We learn to become efficient in our professions and it seems that with increased work efficiency comes increased workload expectation. As much as I would love a 26 hour day, I don't see it in the works so we need to work with what we have. If it means getting up an hour earlier, skipping a lunch date, freeing up a few evenings a week, or streamlining your internet zombie time. It can be done and it is sometimes shocking that you may have more time on your hands than you had expected.

Use What You Have

I can say this happens as sometimes time is tight, getting to the gym can be tough, and for those of you travelling I also feel your pain as my travel schedule has definitely picked up. However it is surprising what an open mind can do for you. A simple bodyweight workout, some light resistance tubing or bands, a TRX, whatever your preference may be it all works. My take on having to streamline a workout is that it is all better than nothing. Odds are sometimes stacked against you when it comes to that perfect workout, but the beauty of making the most of your conditions to me is a major dark horse in a successful fitness program. The biggest asset to this type of exercise to me is the ability to exercise consistency. If you are able to stay consistent I can assure you that you will be game when the conditions are right.

Have A Plan

This is essential as I have seen a lot of people spend their precious workout time trying to figure out what it is they are looking to do. Take the time to identify what it is that you are looking to get out of your workouts and find the best means possible of getting there. This may mean doing some homework, it may mean getting some coaching but having a plan and rolling with it will prevent a lot of uncertainty and ultimately prevent a lot of time thrown to the wayside. If you are looking for help in planning I can say that I know a few pretty sharp dudes who put together a pretty cool app that is meant to do just that.
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Time is precious there is no denying that statement and I can be the first person to admit that I could probably manage it better. However exercise to me is a priority and it always will be. It is something that I love to do and for any fitness pro I believe that it is beyond essential to practice what you preach. I believe that it goes deeper than that though if you look at the big picture. I have been able to see some pretty incredible changes occur when exercise becomes a priority so I want to finish this with a question.
Would you be willing to sacrifice a few hours a week to add a few years to your existence?

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