A Ballad To Getting It Done

Some Organized Rhyme. Poet and I didn't know it. Here we go..

So many questions on what the hell to do
So many answers to confuse and elude you
So many expectations in your desired outcome
Without recognition and knowing where you came from

So I have elected to lay it down in rhyme form
Literary insight for you to grab the bull by the horns
An easier way of learning when shorter words are flowing
So have a read, enjoy it, get off your ass and get going

When it comes to muscle the iron must be explored
Train for speed, power, strength, and not like the Jersey Shore
Find what works and find what you enjoy
Do your homework, dig in and deploy

Train by how you feel and not what's dictated
Get to know your body and success is created
They won't all be perfect with that fact you need peace
When it's time to get after it you TRAIN LIKE A BEAST

Getting going with training is a tough pill to swallow
Train for consistency the lifestyle soon follows
It's not a sacrifice but a chance to do more
A chance to debrief, de-stress, and leave your shit at the door

So get training and stay training for fitness and health
For purpose, for passion, and value of self