A Vegas Guide To Free Agency In The Fitness Biz

The gamble, the gusto, the risk, and the roll of the dice.

Whether it's giving explanations or receiving best wishes it seems as if gambling innuendos have been involved in some way shape or form.

To give you a very brief history, I decided to leave my employer back in the fall. A decision that was tough to make for a number of reasons and the biggest reason being that my overall experience working with a larger fitness chain was for the most part quite a positive one.

However, there was a desire for me to become my own brand and go for the gamble that is being freelance in the fitness game.

Since gambling seems to have such a verbal presence in this topic I figured why not put it in the context of a certain gambling city in the desert.

A city where Lady Luck can test what you're made of in a number of ways. A city where I ultimately decided to put the wheels in motion on this particular gamble.

Beautiful But Dangerous

The jump to free agency is a wildly complex topic. Not everybody is meant for it nor does everybody follow the same formula. But if you are either considering it or you are currently in the thick of it here is a bit of a Sin City spin on what has kept me above the sand in my early stages of it.

Not as an individual making it rain in the Terrace Suite at the Cosmo. But as a guy checked into a modestly priced four star guest room happy to have enough chips in my pocket to still be playing the game.

Make The Most Of The Hand You're Dealt

You cannot control every aspect of the hand you are dealt so you best strategize around what cards you do have. In this situation I would call it your body of work, your rapport, your relationships, your education, and your experiences.

Take a very good look at what you have in your hand because from the very beginning it is about all you have. It could be a loaded hand or it could be a light hand but in this case the true value of the cards lies in how well you play.

Buy The Ticket Take The Ride

I cannot stress enough about getting educated in the science, the art, and the business of your craft. Whether it is literature or conferences this is going to be something that will set you apart as well as potentially prevent you from making drunken wagers in your business.

The only catch being it doesn't always come cheap but I can't stress enough the value of the investment vs. the hit of the expense. It is something that I have cherished as well as borderline recklessly invested in over the years. Money well spent.

When you're going at this on your own, every connection that you can make and lesson you learn has the ability to radically influence the science of your craft, the art of expressing it, and the business savvy that puts value to it.

All very important tickets required to hop on this crazy ride you're about to embark on.

Vegas Thrill Ride

If you've taken it you know. If you're flirting with it or just stepping into it get ready because this is no Circus Circus midway you're dealing with.

This roller coaster has a lot more on the line and as long as you're riding it, don't expect it to let off. You're better off learning how to ride it.

This ride can have you feel on top only to take you on a split second cruise down the tubes.

Which is why it is quite important to know how to keep yourself somewhere in the middle of it all. To not blow your stack physically,emotionally or financially emotionally when you're fire and lightning so you can minimize the damage when you're Fear and Loathing. 

This was particularly tough for me due to feeling as if I was the only one. Fear and Loathing is a mask we tend to wear in this unmasked world and I am just as guilty of it. I'm learning that no matter what stage of this thrill ride you may be in the fear is a constant. The only thing that changes are the wagers.

If I Were To Instagram My Insecurities Of This Thrill Ride

Vegas Never Sleeps

To develop a personal brand is to develop the person behind it. For that reason be ready to loosen the belt on the meaning of a personal life and a professional one.

Working under your own personal brand is a constant shift no matter what your day to day may entail. Even if you're not on the clock there is a currency that can be built through being personable and being unselfish with your time, your sweat and your information.

Anything that you can do both personally and professionally will contribute to this currency. It's up in the air on if/when it may pay off or how much, but through just being a better person your profession grows in value.

Even if you feel you're playing on your last few dollars you might be richer than you think.

Goin Down Gamblin'

Much like this chaotic city, free agency is a chaotic move and it certainly isn't for everybody. It takes time to figure out the ideal time and place and it takes a set of stones to pull the trigger on it.

For me, I am fortunate to be in a position personally to be a gambling man professionally. I was also able to take the time to plan before pulling the trigger.

That being said, planning only takes you so far. No matter what plan you may have in place it is still a wild, scary game to play and it's a game the house loves to win more than you hate to lose.

It's an absolute grind but it is an absolute trip and as long as the table is open for me it is a game that I will continue to do my best to play and win despite the losing that is involved with it.

I can't give it my recommendation I can only give it my opinion. But if you're planning, if you're polished, if you're prepared, and you're not afraid of being afraid then my opinion is get out and grab this Vegas thrill ride by the Golden Nuggets.