Ten Thoughts On Ten Subjects At About Ten Words A Piece


In this world of quick information it is a challenge to maintain an attention span for too long. I am also guilty of it as I often catch myself gravitating away from a task to learn about something that may benefit me, but more often than not it really is irrelevant. Even getting captivated by a video or a record is often told within about the first thirty seconds. For that reason, I decided to take a kick at the can at packing as much insight into topics I often discuss with as few words as possible. Short blog? Yes. Easy? It took more thinking than I expected.


Here goes nothing.



Learn by living your topic, not just memorizing it.



Train for strength and you'll be stronger in every sense of the term.



Do your homework. Power it by your feedback and self preference.



Labeling is for organization. Not for humanity.



You are your own methodology. Nobody else's



Money is sexy. Know how to handle sexy. We all know it can lead to trouble.


The Electronic Era

Technology is a tool. Not a manifestation.


Making Time For Yourself

It doesn't grow on trees. This one is on you.



Live it to the fullest and live it a lot.


The Age Of Information

Your judgement and values are who you are. Don't let your smart phone take them away.


Happy Friday everyone! Things are action packed this weekend as I will be taking in Joe Rogan (a master of judgement and values), Calgary's first UFC event with the Champions Creed crew, not to mention very excited tomorrow to be taking part in good friend and great trainer Barret Donovan's strength training seminar. 


Move Improve,