My Favorite Ounces Of Literature 2.0

My Favourite Ounces Of Literature 2.0
Uncommon to say it but I have had a bit of free time over the past week and it has been rather nice to be able to just sit back and think, train, read, and get caught up on all of the little elements of life that get put on the backburner due to a hectic schedule. While I could certianly justify driving on winter tires in the third week of May in Calgary it is nice to have the hours of the day to get driving on summers.

I also had the chance to start shuffling through some of the posts that I have put up over the years and see what I have enjoyed as well as figure out what to do with some of the "wow I would have done that differently" posts that have come about since scratching away on this blog.

I also had a revelation that it has been a little while since I last wrote about reading which I consider a little selfish since I have been doing a little more reading than writing these days then why wouldn't I be writing about what I am reading.

So here is numero deux of My Favorite Ounces of Literature and here is hoping that it provides you with some unique reads and boozy innuendos like Volume 1.




So set em up Joe
 The Defining Decade
Hard to know where the time goes but I am one of those individuals teetering toward to the end of a decade that I felt had no end when it started. My initial intention behind this book was to see where I stacked up for my age.
To me I always considered it a tough question in the sense of what is progress at this age in the sense of career, family, finances, maturity, etc.
I still don’t know the answer but wow what a read for anyone who may be asking similar questions.
I think that we all go through the stage of young and invincible as I certainly did and it’s certainly understandable as there is a lot of mainstream messaging would tell you just that.
 I think every overkilled Pit Bull song out there tells you just that. However when you spend your time fixated on tomorrow potentially not existing, tomorrow can creep up fast and if you are not ready for it you will be far from invincible.
Meg Jay teaches you a lot of great things about how important your twenties are in shaping who you are moving forward. The big message for me however was the importance of easing up on the young and invincible song and dance and to be young and hungry.
And why the hell wouldn’t you be? We live in an economy where being hungry when you are young is imperative and a society where being young and hungry can provide some incredible opportunity.
 Sounds like an invitation to grab it by the horns to me.


Hef’s Little Black Book
I am sure there are some varied opinions on the man but after a Halloween night mixer at his residence that personified young and invincible I wanted to get to know this guy’s story a little better.
While the brand of Playboy has had and still has its critics the one thing that I cannot argue with is the genius, the creator, the pioneer, the activist, the philantropist, the rebel and the ageless wonder behind the brand.
Whether it is rolling out the red carpet for his guests, pursuing race/orientation equality, or donating his private jet to rescue orphans from war torn countries the man has done his share and I wanted to hear more about it.
Hef’s Little Black Book gets into just about everything. From being a one man show trying to publish something that was a taboo as it was and to an extent still is provided a lot of adversity and he was able to overcome it all. For that reason a look at him as a great example of what grit looks like as well as how luck can conveniently show up if you’re willing to sweat for it.
Hef provides advice on just about everything related to work, love, rebellion, human rights and the need for a stocked bar and dance floor when acquiring a private jet. Noted.


The Tao Of Wu

The wild card of the mix started as an impulse purchase while hanging out in the Chicago airport.

Long story short I love music and my love for music has accumulated a playlist as eclectic as a big city public transit system and Wu-Tang has become a big part of it.

When it comes to requiring a musical kick in the ass to get you fired up for a workout there is nothing that has done it for me like having Raekwon's Only Built For Cuban Linx rattling my skull pre workout.

So why not hear the story from the RZA, the mastermind of the incredible Wu-Tang legacy.

RZA has some crazy stories of his early inspirations, life, death, and the evolution of the Wu-Tang Clan which was my biggest interest in the read.

Once again I am sure this is open for discussion but I have to say that there is no better message delivered when it comes to successful expression being an integration of good/bad experiences, sharing what you know and like and being comfortable in your own skin.

A Whole New Mind

Game changer. I have read a few of Daniel Pink's books in the past but this is one that absolutely blew my mind.

Since this whole economic meltdown of 2008 I have really taken a fascination in what the outlook of the new age work force and this book lays it out like no other.

Pink tackles five different aspects that are re shaping the new age work force and affecting our society profoundly. I don't know what else to say other than this is an absolute must read if you are wondering where you stand professionally and what to do to make the most of it.

If you are a trainer I cannot express it enough how much this book has done when it comes to knowing how to complement the science of training with being a right brained thinking, empathy, storytelling and listening.

Training is a human profession and it pays to be human.


The World's Strongest Librarian

My most recent consumption and I have to say that this book is just an absolute gem. Josh Hanagarne shares his incredible story of growing up in a world of books, faith, family and his struggle with Tourrette's in a way that almost implants you into his life and has you live it.

Even more impressive being his way of understanding his body through lifting weights and eventually learning how to manage his tics through getting to know his body.

There are an endless amount of life lessons and I am a little lost for words when it comes to how positive of an experience reading this book really was.


Well, that's how it goes

Another book review well, in the books.

A small taste of what I have been consuming recently and I'll finish by leaving it open to any literary drinking buddies that may be reading this post.

Any book recommendations for myself or any other readers I am all ears so leave a comment below or hit me up on Facebook with any books that have rocked your world.