Let Your Lifting Love You Back

As a guy who has become quite familiar with the decor of the doghouse I may not be the most qualified to be handing out relationship advice so take it with a grain of salt.

However, when it comes to fielding questions of progress or adherence associated with exercise these days I cannot help but ask this question.

How healthy is your relationship with your exercise?

Looking back at getting started in the gym I am sure we can say we have all spent time fantasizing and romanticizing the ideal look and feel of our bodies. An image of a consistently strong, lean, healthy body to live in. An image that we grow an appreciation for.

Where I believe the trouble begins to expose itself however is how unromantic it becomes when the call to action is put into place. Soon the outcome that we romanticized as a sweet long term relationship with our body gets replaced with a call to action comparable to a one night stand.

While there may be some immediate fulfillment with that approach how often does it really last and how often does it remain fulfilling?

But sometimes there is a spark. Something that intrigues you and you just can't walk away from it. You put the time in and you are totally cool with it because your body is getting the love in return that it deserves.

The attraction evolves into infatuation, you are fully engaged and before you know it things get hot and heavy.

Like any flame however, it's not easy keeping the fire burning and this is where your relationship with exercise really tests what you're made of.


Which is why I believe it is vitally important for anyone at this juncture to get inside the minds of folks who just seem to have it figured out. The ones who make the hard work look easy.


Whether it is seeking out a respected trainer, or a well trained individual who has the ability to walk the walk, stay consistent, make it progressive and make it look pretty. They've more than likely been raked through the coals a few times before and have still found a way to make it work.


These are the people who have had their share of one night stands and walks of shame in the weight room. These are the people who have had wildly romantic early relationships with their workouts only to face further challenges, further frustrations, and unfortunately they may have gotten hurt along the way.

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But through a lot of self analysis and self improvement they come back better. They grow to embrace the complexities of an enhanced relationship and they adapt to them. They know that the relationship is not a marked slot in the day planner but a lifelong process. They find a way to make it complementary to their day to day rather than contradictory.


The allure of the outcome evolves into the love of the game.


And at the end of the day with the iron game you've got to give a lot of love to get a little in return. 


But oh how sweet it is.