Fitness Revelations From The Blues Joint

We all seek out our places of inspiration where we can eliminate the noise of the week and just let our minds wander. I was able to visit one of my escapes this past weekend and take in some live blues in a local joint. Music has always been a big part of my life as I came from a musical upbringing. Although exercise has become my number one expression of art, music is something that I definitely appreciate and draw a lot of inspiration from. Live music is also one of those things that just seems to get my wheels turning and this past weekend was an example of that. I have always believed that music and fitness have a lot in common when it comes to its creation and expression and I find myself  comparing the two more and more often as my appreciation for the two continue to develop.

Treasure The Timeless

Sure some new and exciting breakthroughs occur in both music and fitness, but there are certain aspects of both that always remain. I see this on the gym floor all the time as there is always something new to discuss whether it be a program, equipment, or an exciting new exercise. While some of this new information can become a part of my belief system, I know that I can still rely on the same old systems that have been around for years. I can rely on classic strength training, conditioning, and movement quality just like I can listen to The Beatles or The Rolling Stones and still appreciate what they do and know that this will continue moving forward.

Turn Your Inspirations Into Your Own

A big ingredient in the weight room recipe for success is the ability to discover what works for you. There are limitless sources of information and inspiration meant to guide you to fitness success, it is how you can interpret, apply it, and make it your own that will determine your outcome. Bands seek inspiration from all sorts of genres of music. The ones who can integrate them and make it their own are the ones who tend to make it in their craft.

Follow The Set List Not Just The Sheet Music

When I am on the gym floor with someone there is a plan in place and more often than not the plan changes. It could be for a number of reasons but variables do occur and I need to be ready for them. It is reassuring knowing that there is a formal plan in place but if my attention is focused entirely on what is put onto paper and not the needs of the individual in front of me I won't be winning anyone over. A good band knows how to satisfy their audience and it is because they can integrate their plan and tailor it by feeling the needs of their audience.

Music is something that is meant to be enjoyed. I have yet to run into someone who says they dislike it. Not to mention the staggering number of ear buds that accompany the workouts of people in the gym. However it seems as if harnessing the same enjoyment out of exercise is a bit more of a task. Finding enjoyment in exercise takes a similar selection process to music. You need to find and explore different genres, filter out what does it for you and and what doesn't. Stay true to what works and what you enjoy and you will get your satisfaction.