Don Scott

I have known and worked out with Jeff for over four years. When I started with Jeff I was 47years old, significantly overweight (very little of which was muscle mass!)  and nervous about starting a weight training  regime in light of the fact I had prior spinal surgery.  In very short order it became clear Jeff is a highly skilled professional with extensive knowledge regarding  the human body and how to individualize and personalize my workouts to maximize results without  risk of injury.

Why would I continue to work with the same trainer for so long? 

The answers are simple:  

  •      Jeff ensures my workouts are fun. This alone is highly motivating. I have never had a workout I did not really enjoy. He is always shaking things up so I have never become bored or come to a plateau.
  •      I have experienced consistent results and therefore am always improving. Jeff also consistently informs me of what we are working on and why. It is never the case of just “doing things” without any apparent reason or purpose.
  •     Jeff is extremely attentive to his clients. He ensures he demonstrates each exercise prior to the client performing them regardless how often the exercise has been done in the past. While doing so he instructs on what to focus on and what to avoid. While performing the exercises, Jeff is continually adjusting my movements to the finest detail which definitely speaks to his rich understanding of his craft. This means I get a lot more from lifting a lighter weight and doing it effectively than banging through with heavier weights and risking injury or being inefficient. Because of this I am confident to work out on the days I do not have a session with Jeff. This is very important to me. Likewise, Jeff has taught me proper post workout stretching which keeps me flexible and injury free when I work out on my own.
  •     Jeff has attended to my fitness with a holistic approach.  I am benefiting greatly on a very personal level by coming to understand “fitness” includes body mind and soul. Although it always sounds cliché, my entire life has improved - not just the look, strength and agility of my body.

Now I am in my 50’s, lean, stronger than I have been in decades and healthy in all aspects of my life. I have regained the movement and sensation lost 30 years ago as a result of my spinal surgery.  Most importantly I have adopted an entire lifestyle that would not have been possible without the guidance and excellence in knowledge, skill and attitude Jeff  brings to his profession.